Tangledeep Patch 1.4 Released for PC

Mar 19, 2021

Updates - Tangledeep

Patch Notes

Ronin Mode Basics
In this mode, you do not pick a job. In fact, the job system is effectively removed!

Instead, when you start the game, you are assigned 12 random active abilities and 6 random passive abilities, all of which are purchased with JP. These abilities come from an enormous pool of skills and include over 50 NEW, never-before-learnable skills such as effects from Legendary items. We guarantee you will find some interesting combinations!

As you venture through Tangledeep as a Ronin, you'll also find not just more monsters, but also randomly-generated monsters (similar to Wanderer's Journeys in Legend of Shara) fighting alongside the monster ensemble you're used to.

You'll have to use observation, tactics, and ingenuity to learn the abilities & patterns of these new monsters and overcome them. Not to mention... they can be captured as pets!

If your character is defeated, you'll retain your "meta" progress like in Heroic Mode, but you will have to roll a new character with new skills. That's just how it is!

Other Ronin Mode Changes

There are a variety of other tweaks in Ronin Mode to generally streamline the game and encourage that "one more run" style of gameplay we all know and love.

  • Gold find rate is increased by 33%
  • Magic items (equipment w/ affixes) are now +10% more common
  • Orbs of Reverie are more common
  • You can now access Job Trials anytime, as long as you have the JP
  • You can switch clothes at the wardrobe anytime, to any job
  • A powerful RELIC will be dropped by each of the 4 major bosses
  • Weapon Masteries cannot be learned, except for Ultimate Masteries, but may be assigned as starting skill(s)
  • The Mysterious Wanderer (from Legend of Shara) is no longer available
  • Either Old Amber Station OR Fungal Caverns, and Ancient Ruins OR Stonehewn Halls, have been removed (no need to backtrack / jump back and forth between branches)

Overall, we hope that you'll find Ronin Mode a blast to play, even if you've beaten the game 10 times over. There's a lot of new possibilities and exciting encounters to discover. Good luck!

: Ronin Mode is currently available in English only, but we are localizing it as fast as possible!

Bug Fixes

Of course, Patch 1.4 also brings with it a collection of bug fixes from months of player feedback.

  • Added logic that should detect & correct "bad" map generation where starting stairs are encased in stone
  • Fixed bug where certain shops would serve you low-level items once you hit level 16 or higher
  • Fixed bug where you could initiate a conversation with Horatio after beating him, but before the correct story dialogue took place
  • Fixed bug where losing an Ancient Jungle map could sometimes cause the game to freeze / progress to be reset
  • Fixed bug where in rare cases, weapons/offhands could disappear from your inventory permanently
  • Fixed bug where Armillary Mirrors and/or other Relics with that "never miss" effect could get in a bugged state if you equipped more than one and then unequipped one
  • Fixed bug where legendary items could be lost when depositing/selling multiple copies of the same legendary to the same NPC
  • Item quantities for items mapped to the hotbar now correctly update every time a UI is closed, such as the cooking UI or inventory
  • Spellshift: Penetrate now only applies to Evocations, as intended
  • It is no longer possible to die for ANY reason in Riverstone Grove
  • Gluttony, Food Lover and similar effects should no longer incorrectly display a healing improvement for non-food healing effects
  • When crafting gems with Horatio in town, putting 3 Diamonds will no longer eat them up for nothing in return
  • Trees should no longer have negative lifetimes
  • The final boss room now has unbreakable walls (was visually/gameplay-wise janky before)
  • Various minor performance optimizations