Flowstone Saga Build 70a Available

May 04, 2021

Updates - Flowstone Saga

Hello explorers! Today's build (70a) addresses a number of player-reported bugs.


  • Old cutscenes are no longer accessible by talking to Sihd
  • Sprig running/walking direction in cutscenes is correct now
  • Hagan should no longer generate the 'flag' icon in his old position, while invisible
  • Katie's shop should now restock correctly and not throw game errors
  • Various portrait and monster sprite updates
  • Fixed the replay system to record and replay input more reliably (remember - if you encounter a bug during battle, press F8 to record the input file!)
  • Bandaid fix for the in-game difficulty selection in settings menu being difficult to read
  • Fixed title screen 'cancel' input not working correctly
  • Fixed volume of fire SFX being way too loud
  • Fixed parsing of float values in some geographic regions, causing bad spawn point values for Mirai
  • Talking to the Spirit Frog in town will now accurately reflect your current job title
  • Fixed game errors that happened after unlocking your first job and fighting a battle


b70 for Windows

b70 for OSX

b70 for Linux


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Once you've put some time into the game and this latest build, we'd love if you could fill out this survey. It will greatly help us for the rest of development in terms of our priorities, planning, and budget.