Flowstone Saga Build 69 Available

Mar 29, 2021

Updates - Flowstone Saga

Hello explorers! We're nearing completion of content for Kickstarter, and have been doing lots of polish alongside bug fixes and content work behind the scenes. Let's check it out:


  • You can now go back to map after failing a non-story Ruins puzzle
  • Fixed missing puzzle in Fire Ruins
  • Retrying the phoenix battle and winning no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed incorrect visibility/interaction states with various monsters, NPCs
  • Miscellaneous minor camera fixes
  • Fixed incorrect character spawn position after cutscenes/encounters sometimes


  • New screen transition VFX when traveling from one map to another
  • New VFX for clearing red orbs, plus their attack animation
  • Various improvements to cutscenes
  • Mirai now has gear slots (even though there's not much UI for it yet)
  • You can now retry non-story battles rather than getting kicked out
  • Better screen transition after game over in battle
  • Cool sine wave movement for map selection cursor
  • New mouse debugger - hover over an object on the map to see its interaction states (this helps us find issues!)


Once you download the game play it, feel free to join our Discord, hop in the #flowstone-saga channel, and tell us your thoughts!

b69 for Windows

b69 for OSX

b69 for Linux