Flowstone Saga Build 66 Available

Feb 27, 2021

Updates - Flowstone Saga

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Hello explorers! This new build has some really cool visual polish improvements, like a MUCH snazzier way to get in fights with monsters, plus new and refined visual FX, UI element tweaks, and the usual slate of bug fixes. Behind the scenes, we are close to opening up a big chunk of content. Stay tuned...


  • Damage tiles (such as Snewt's fire breath) now tick every 5 seconds, up from every 3 seconds
  • Text like "COOL!" in battle now shows up a bit less frequently - you gotta perform better to get it!


  • NullRef in town fix
  • Gon should no longer disappear in various cutscenes
  • Fixed irregularities with sprite sorting on the X-axis


  • Monsters that wander around will now 'aggro' the hero and move closer when the hero is near
  • Also, touching a monster (except for bosses) now begins a battle immediately!


  • Even more new monster art
  • Super cool battle entrances!
  • New logic that allows us to show cool animations for things like doors & chests opening, and even tie them to progress flags or map completion
  • When the game is saved and you reload, you will now appear on the same map you left off
  • Polished up the appearance of the "new journal entry" notification
  • Polished up the animation for the nameplate at the top of the screen when on maps (such as an NPC's name)
  • Various new VFX/sprite animations


Once you download the game play it, feel free to join our Discord, hop in the #flowstone-saga channel, and tell us your thoughts!

b66 for Windows

b66 for OSX

b66 for Linux