Flowstone Saga Build 65 Available

Feb 23, 2021

Updates - Flowstone Saga

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Hello explorers! We continue to polish and fix bugs, with this latest build addressing some problems that have been hard-to-fix until now.


  • Piece should no longer disappear if you lose and retry a battle
  • Fixed NullRef in the Floraconda sequence, again
  • Fixed "queue empty" error when in Ruins maps
  • Fixed invisible boss sprite in maps
  • Fixed monster sprites NOT disappearing after you defeated them
  • Fixed Tiny Ruins progress issue (Sihd was not advancing the story)
  • Fixed Gon's upgrade unlocking the wrong area and causing an error
  • Various sort layer issues fixed


  • New monster art


Once you download the game play it, feel free to join our Discord, hop in the #flowstone-saga channel, and tell us your thoughts!

b65 for Windows

b65 for OSX

b65 for Linux