Flowstone Saga Build 64 Available

Feb 21, 2021

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Hello explorers! Let's jump right into the patch notes, which cover all the feedback from b63 plus new art, polish, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements.


  • Control mappings should save with the game now
  • Fixes to visual sorting layers of sprites
  • You no longer go back to the world map after losing a battle
  • Fixed invisible piece bug
  • Fixed blinking pieces with Autobuilder
  • Battle gem container (unused) removed
  • Object states on maps should now be correct (i.e. clear a ruins, it should show as cleared)
  • Fixed incorrect progress bars for maps
  • Fixed bugs with saving/loading map objects


  • Various cutscene polish
  • Various character art improvements, new animations
  • New objects for overworld maps
  • Switched over to our own system for player preferences
  • New torches and other overworld prefabs
  • Added upgrade animations in town
  • After mining with Hagan, you return to him instead of town entrance


Once you download the game play it, feel free to join our Discord, hop in the #flowstone-saga channel, and tell us your thoughts!

b64 for Windows

b64 for OSX

b64 for Linux