Flowstone Saga Build 63 Available

Feb 12, 2021

Updates - Flowstone Saga

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Hello explorers! Tonight's patch should keep you going for the weekend, fixing yet more bugs, smoothing out visual inconsistencies, and polishing across the board.


  • Game no longer locks up when you enter Sihd's House
  • Corrected the flag that kept sending you back to the intro sequence after completing it
  • Map warps (portals, stairs, entrances) now correctly read intended x,y destination
  • Various bugs fixed with scene and game state transitions
  • Amara & Sihd should give correct dialogues allowing you to proceed
  • NPCs should no longer stop talking to you sometimes after a cutscene
  • Sihd now has a walk cycle
  • Fixed buggy "tall grass" animation
  • Fixed map retry option sending you back to world map


  • Better collisions in Sihd's House
  • Autosaves added throughout intro
  • All intro scenes now have music tags, so music will play if you resume after quitting
  • Cursor tick sound no longer plays in the map selector if there's only one map available
  • Various fixes to visual sorting layers
  • New Mirai battle sprites/animations
  • New monster art (Cookie Ferret, Beewi)
  • New town intro text
  • Temporary portrait for Sprig
  • Added ambient water audio in town and Gon's Landing
  • Mirai's battle entrance looks better


  • Added more encounters in Tiny Ruins
  • Added new cutscene(s) in Tiny Ruins


Once you download the game play it, feel free to join our Discord, hop in the #flowstone-saga channel, and tell us your thoughts!

b63 for Windows

b63 for OSX

b63 for Linux