Flowstone Saga Build 61 Available

Feb 08, 2021

Updates - Flowstone Saga

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So much has changed since our last public build of this game; too much to enumerate every change. But, we'll focus on the big ones so you can get an idea of what to expect in this ~1-2 hours of gameplay:

  • Story/script has been almost completely rewritten, including all cutscenes
  • The side-scrolling town view has been removed and replaced with a top-down view
  • All maps/assets have been recreated to match the top-down view
  • Area maps now all use the top-down value
  • New perks & powers have been added to the game to enhance the RPG elements
  • Tons of new visual FX and improvements

Once you download a build and play it, feel free to join our Discord, hop in the #flowstone-saga channel, and tell us your thoughts!

b61 for Windows

b61 for OSX

b61 for Linux